Pactum AI automatically negotiates better agreements

Bring the power of advanced AI to your negotiation process. Our AI negotiates high-volume, low cost agreements that are usually left unmanaged or renegotiated at high expense.

  • On average, we deliver a 4.2% increase in profitability – this is value creation on autopilot.
  • Our clients’ negotiation processes are on average 71% fully-automated and require zero human involvement – Pactum saves time and resources.
  • We negotiate thousands of deals in parallel – meaning you can engage with your entire long-tail simultaneously.

Product features

Fully automated

Automate the entire negotiation process from start to finish. From the initial email that begins the negotiation to the contract generation and signing. Pactum takes the hassle out of renegotiating contracts with your suppliers.

Always up to date

Prices and terms can evolve and change rapidly. Our AI uses up to date information in real time on every negotiation. It also means that if you change your company strategy, all new negotiations reflect your new values instantly.

Custom integration

Pactum seamlessly integrates with existing IT infrastructure. The system works on top of your existing software, meaning no messy or disruptive installs. It works with existing processes much like a human negotiator would.

Live dashboards

Review and monitor results and negotiations in real-time using Pactum’s live dashboards. View all negotiations in an aggregated and detailed view. Import new KPIs, metrics and measures to assess the success of subsequent negotiations. Monitor the value created by our AI. 

All your data in one place

No more disorderly contract data. With Pactum, all your negotiation data is structured, stored and systematised. The database can be uploaded into a relevant ERP, procurement suite, spend management or contract management systems. It can also be used as the foundation for data-driven projects.

Can you afford to do nothing?

Companies lose money every day on unmanaged and unattended contracts. The problem? Nobody has the time to optimise these cookie cutter deals. 

Pactum automates, optimises and manages those agreements, unlocking value for you and your suppliers and stems the flow of leaking revenue. It does all this at the click of a button.



Pactum’s AI reaches thousands of optimal deals automatically. Backed by data, it takes every negotiation variable into consideration to achieve superhuman results that have a major impact on your EBITA.

Works at scale

Conduct simultaneous negotiations across entire categories or across your entire supply network. Pactum can negotiate thousands of contracts at once, using data and values unique to each supplier. It means the negotiation process cycle time is reduced drastically and is completed in weeks rather than months.

Stronger supplier relationships

Pactum’s AI-powered negotiation tool helps your suppliers reach an agreement that works best for both sides and to feel in control of the terms they accept. In fact, more than 80% of suppliers that use Pactum reach an agreement, while 74% say they find it simpler than negotiating with a person.

Cut the cost of doing nothing.
Thousands of contracts have been left unattended by enterprises. These are cookie-cutter deals that aren’t optimized and are losing money for both sides. It’s too expensive and time consuming for humans to keep tens of thousands of contracts up to date.

AI has lately become capable enough. Take the leap of faith.