AI-driven contract cost negotiations

Pactum’s AI chatbot automates supplier negotiations for better savings and value

Pactum’s Contract Cost Negotiations is an AI chatbot tool that autonomously reaches a more suitable agreement for both parties, leaving no money on the table.

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Contract Cost Negotiations enable enterprises to take back control of both direct and indirect spend.

In a rapidly changing market, enterprises focus on negotiating with strategic suppliers, neglecting long and mid-tail suppliers bound by outdated agreements from the height of Covid and Supply Chain disruption. With the AI chatbot of Pactum’s Contract Cost Negotiations you can achieve better agreements autonomously, ensuring no money is left on the table.

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Take Control of Your Spend with Pactum's Intelligent Contract Cost Negotiations Solution

Navigating the turbulent landscape of volatile supplier production costs is a challenge for corporations. With changing commodity prices and supply chain disruptions, the pressure to optimize costs becomes even more critical.

At Pactum, we understand your struggle and are here to help. Our solutions empower you to do more with less, keeping costs under contract and under control.

Streamlined Contract Negotiations

Negotiate contracts at scale and faster

Agile Market Monitoring

Be more responsive to market conditions with active monitoring

Enhanced Supplier Experience

Offer a consistent and enhanced experience to all of your suppliers, regardless of their strategic importance

Contract Negotiations Across

  1. Optimizing Contract Renewal Negotiations

    Drive greater value and efficiency in contract renewals by leveraging negotiations, focusing on price and commercial terms.

  2. Seamless Negotiations for New Contracts

    Streamline the negotiation process for new agreements, based on requisitions or events, to secure favorable price and commercial terms.

  3. Enhancing Bidding Negotiations

    Gain a competitive edge in bidding and post-bid events ensuring optimal price and commercial terms.

Your control panel

  • Easily access contracts and initiate negotiations
  • Stay up to date on contract expirations
  • Identify savings and optimize strategies
  • Customize parameters to fit your needs
  • Provide responsive support to suppliers
  • Monitor outcomes in real-time


Unlocking Potential in Expired or Uncompetitive Contracts
Discover the untapped potential within your spend as 50-60% of it may be allocated to expired or evergreen contracts with pre-COVID or uncompetitive terms. Our solutions help you optimize these contracts, driving significant savings and improved terms.
Enhancing Revenue and Financial Performance
Indirect spend can represent upwards of 20% of your company's total revenue. Harness the power of strategic cost management and negotiation to optimize this spend category, unlocking increased revenue and delivering improved financial performance.
Unleashing Value Across All Negotiated Contracts
Experience the impact of impressive average savings, with an average of 3.41%. Our solutions deliver substantial cost reductions and financial benefits, consistently driving value across all negotiated contracts for enhanced profitability and success.

Regain Control of Your Spend with Ease

Corporations often face challenges in negotiating with mid- and long-tail suppliers due to the time-intensive nature of strategic supplier negotiations. Don’t let this limit your ability to optimize the value of your contracts.

With Pactum, you can simplify the negotiation process with automated chat-like negotiations reaching your suppliers effectively in a single touchpoint.

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