Autonomous negotiations for $5bn+ revenue companies

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Pactum re-negotiates tail spend contracts for Walmart

Walmart is the largest corporation by revenue globally, a Fortune 1 company. Walmart has been one of Pactum’s most supportive customers.

Autonomous Negotiations

Pactum’s AI is capable of conducting pleasant and highly detailed negotiations over legal and commercial terms fully autonomously.

How Pactum works

Pactum’s analysts interview and map the ‘value function’ of your enterprise. Pactum’s system reaches out to vendors, renegotiates the contracts and updates all new information in corporate systems.

“I really liked Pactum’s work ethic. They said what they're gonna do, they did it, were very thorough and made my job very, very easy.

A great team and good people.”
Frank LaPlante
Vice President Digital Transformation and Commercial IoT at WESCO Distribution
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do you believe that aI could be a Better negotiator for your company?
how about +4.2% better?
* On average our AI powered negotiation platform increased contract value by 4.2%. Pactum always generates value for both sides, the customer and the vendor.
Autonomous Negotiations for $5bN+ revenue companies