Commercial term negotiations

Bridge the gap in commercial terms with your long- and mid-tail suppliers.

With our AI’s ability to scale, we illuminate overlooked terms like payment days, discounts, and allowances that often escape non-strategic suppliers. Pactum turns strenuous individual negotiations into a seamless, high-value process.

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Frequently, critical terms like payment days, discounts, and various allowances are overlooked with non-strategic suppliers in both direct and indirect spend.

The human effort required for individual negotiations is simply too monumental.

With Pactum, this is a hurdle of the past.

Mastering thousands of negotiations at scale to elevate your terms to industry benchmarks.

Learn from one of the largest companies in the world.

Harvard Business Review (HBR) has published a case study of Walmart utilizing Pactum for Commercial Terms negotiations.

“Nail It and Scale It” was the pilot project motto.

Ever since the pilot project, Pactum has been operating across WM US and International markets in both Direct and Indirect categories.

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Measurable gains

68% of negotiations closed with an average of 3% value improvement.


83% of suppliers described the system as easy to use in post-pilot interviews.

How Walmart Automated Supplier Negotiations

It’s an age-old problem in procurement: Corporate buyers lack the time to negotiate fully with all suppliers. Historically this has left untapped value on the table for both buyers and suppliers. To address this challenge, Walmart deployed AI-powered negotiations
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Traditionally, the clients of Pactum go through a phased launch.


Initial scope encompasses a select group of suppliers.

Validating the concept, ROI, and opening the gates to the entire long- and mid-tail spend.


It takes less than 2 weeks to get the first results.

Ease of integration is key. A simple Excel file with basic supplier data, including existing terms and email addresses, is all you need to begin, bypassing complex data integrations.


Experience swift value realization at scale.

Rapid time-to-value with scale. Once established, integrations will make this use case a recurring strategy for an annual, automated review of all commercial terms.

Leverage Pactum’s AI technology today.
Bring the power of Pactum’s AI chatbot to automate your commercial term negotiations.
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