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Pactum is a global group of passionate and hard working people who love the challenges and rewards of startup life. We take our work and our company seriously, without taking ourselves too seriously. We are making a major impact with some of the biggest companies in the world while also making time for laughs, book clubs, philosophical discussions, and fitness challenges along the way.

Who we are

Pactum is revolutionizing business negotiations. Some of the largest companies in the world use our technology to automate supplier negotiations while making significant savings in cost and improving efficiency. As pioneers in our field, Pactonians are encouraged to bring their charisma, unique skills, and passions to our workplace. We are psychologists, software engineers, consultants, writers, certified negotiators, educators, and subject matter experts coming together with a driven vision from over 10 countries to create a new and empowering way of doing business through automated negotiations.

Average value increase
up to +10%
Negotiations per minute
10 000+
Described by Suppliers As Easy to Use
Potential gains for average Fortune 500 company

The Pactonian Culture Code

Embrace uncertainty with resilience

Practice blameless problem-solving

Step out of your swim lane, roll up your sleeves, and strive for the win as a team

Be authentic and transparent by speaking the truth with respect

Share your passion and dare to be bold

Perks & Benefits

Flexible Work Schedule

Work wherever, whenever!

Team Bonding

Take some time away from the daily grind via happy hours, activity committees, and cross-functional coffee chats with your fellow Pactonians.

Generous National Holidays

U.S. company program and EU / LATAM government programs.

Unlimited Vacation Time

You choose how much time you take off and when.

Medical, Dental, and Vision Coverage

U.S. company program and EU / LATAM government programs.

Supplemental Life and AD&D Insurance


Company Equity

Have some skin in the game to share in our success.

Office Setup Stipend for Remote Employees

We cover what you need to do your best work.

Supplemental Disability Insurance


Competitive Salaries

We benchmark industry data so you don't have to.

Co-Working Allowance

Find a boost of inspiration with a change of scenery.

401(k) Retirement Plan


Off-Site Retreats

Get off the video chat and get into real life.

Paid Parental & Medical Leave

U.S. company program and EU / LATAM government programs.

Pre-Tax Commuter Benefits



"My favorite part about Pactum is that we're full of diversity with openness. My colleagues speak many different languages, they are from everywhere, and they work wherever they choose."

Max Kwon

Implementation Manager

“Every day, I get to do something I have never done before. The work challenges me; I can see the results and continuously keep improving. As the company grows and evolves, we keep moving forward with our solutions as well, so I don't expect having similar workdays for years to come.”

My story

Mihkel Allorg

Technical Implementation Manager


“When I first heard about this company, I thought: "This is a crazy idea and this is going to be the future. I must join Pactum." Considering that purpose is what gives one's life meaning, taking off on a purposeful journey with fellow teammates is one of the most enriching adventures one can have in life.”

My story

Fabio Herle

EPM - Head of EMEAI Markets


“When I first heard of Pactum, I believed in the concept - but now I believe in our value proposition because I have seen it delivered. The value we are able to bring our clients is real and part of our solution is a clear, transparent dashboard measuring it real time. The best part of working with my team is when we can celebrate achievements together, big or small.”

My story

Daniel Malmskov

Head of Enterprise Program Management

Missouri, U.S.

“I can say with full confidence that this position has challenged me, driven me to set goals, travel abroad, and exposed strengths that I never knew I had. I am very thankful for the guidance of my team leaders for always being open to lending a hand, giving advice, and giving me the opportunity to speak my opinion and include me in decisions that will propel our company forward. ”

My story

Elisabeth Spivey

Negotiation Success Manager

North Carolina, U.S.

“My favourite part about Pactum is that we're full of diversity with openness. My colleagues speak many different languages, they are from everywhere, and they work wherever they choose. Abundant differences bring Pactum the greatest ideas every day from each individual's unique life experiences!”

My story

Max Kwon

Implementation Manager

Texas, U.S.

“At Pactum, I've learned about the art, science, and humanity behind negotiations. I had never properly understood the balance between those factors and the impact that they have in securing a valuable, successful negotiation that leaves both parties happy with the outcome.”

My story

Grace Spellmann

Head of People

New York, U.S.

“We have somehow managed to collect some of the smartest people from different ways of work and life and we are all working towards the same goal. Everyone is really hard-working, passionate, and dedicated. More importantly, we are a bunch of kind and fun-loving people!”

My story

Shasha Zhu

Enterprise Program Manager

The Netherlands


Deployment & Operations

Enterprise Program Manager

Europe (Remote)

Senior Software Engineer

Tallinn, Estonia

Open Application

Tallinn, Estonia

Open Application

US - Remote


After submitting an application to Pactum, you’ll receive an invitation to a virtual interview if we’d like to proceed in speaking with you. If the screening goes well, we’ll ask you to complete a short home task. Pactum believes in transparency throughout the interview process, and we utilize the home task assignment for a fair assessment.

1. Learn about Pactum and what we do. This will help you understand the company’s goals, how you can contribute and what we do excites you!
2. Review the job description: Understand the requirements and responsibilities of the role you are applying for, and think about how your skills and experience align with them.
3. Prepare for a conversation with our team about your background, skills, and experience, as well as your goals for the future.
4. Test your technology: Make sure your computer, internet connection, and microphone are in good working order. We generally use Google Meet for our interviews, so you’ll want to test Google Meet beforehand and ensure it works well. Remember to choose your space well and to be in a quiet, well-lit environment.

Feel free to check out the following resources to help you understand more about Pactum:
– Read more about our work with Walmart from Fortune and from Forbes
– You can learn about three of our biggest clients and their use cases on this page
– Read HBR’s article: “How Walmart Automated Supplier Negotiations” which details how Pactum helped Walmart “nail it and scale it.”

We understand that waiting for feedback can be nerve-wracking and we try to provide feedback to candidates as soon as possible. However, it depends on the number of candidates and the hiring process for each position. At Pactum, we strive to create an efficient interview process and we make every effort to move through the process as quickly as possible. If it has been a few days since your last update and you’d like to check in, please don’t hesitate to contact your recruiter regarding the next steps.

At Pactum, we provide career and leadership development programs (including annual compensation reviews and two career development reviews per year), regular 1:1 check-ins, mentoring and coaching, career advancement opportunities, and employee engagement and empowerment methodologies.

We strive for flexibility and freedom for Pactonians while doing what’s best for the business. Please be transparent with your recruiter or hiring manager about where you plan to work from and if you are considering relocation. Depending on your role, your position may be best suited to working in-office and this can also be discussed with your hiring manager or recruiter.

Our company’s overall performance and success are built on workplace culture as our core foundation. The following practices are some of the ways that we embody a strong culture for successful team members:

– We have a comprehensive onboarding program which helps our new employees to feel welcomed, supported, and prepared to take on their new roles.

– We share engagement surveys with our employees, which gives them an opportunity to give feedback on their experience at the company and helps leadership to identify areas where things are going well as where improvements are needed.

– We have multiple channels for informal communication, such as watercooler channels on Slack, which provide a space for employees to connect and engage with one another and this also builds a sense of community to foster relationships among employees.

– We embrace flexible work arrangements, such as remote work, to accommodate the needs of our employees.

– We have unlimited time off policies (including a minimum leave policy to address the risks of burnout) which allows employees to manage their work and personal lives in a way that works best for them, which we believe leads to increased productivity, employee satisfaction, and retention.

– We highly value transparent communication and we have bi-weekly company All Hands and update sessions from the leadership.

– We have open-door policies that allows our employees to feel comfortable approaching leadership with any questions or concerns they may have, which can help to build empathetic and trusting relationships.

One feedback that we hear from our employees is that everyone feels like a founder here. We strongly value honesty, transparency, respect, flexibility and trust. We appreciate each other’s cultures and are receptive to different ideas.

We do offer visa sponsorships depending on the job role and location where the employee is working. Please check with your recruiter for any questions in this regard.

We have a relocation reimbursement program for employees who relocate from the EU to Tallinn, Estonia. Speak with your recruiter for more details.

If you are an applicant through the website, you’ll be asked to enter your salary expectation in the job application. If you’re a referral or an applicant via an agency, you’ll be asked to share your expected salary during the initial discussion with your recruiter or hiring manager. The final compensation discussion would most likely be at the end of the hiring process with the hiring manager.

At Pactum, we prioritize work-life balance as an important aspect of employee satisfaction and overall well-being. We understand that a healthy balance between work and personal life leads to a more engaged and productive team. To support this, we offer flexible working styles, and remote work opportunities, and encourage our employees to utilize our unlimited vacation policy. Additionally, we provide employee assistance programs by scheduling regular culture check-ins with the People team to support our team members and ensure that their interests are heard.

We onboard new employees every Tuesday and the start date depends upon your notice period. If the employee does not have a notice period, we typically onboard them within a week or two of signing their employment agreement.

Our employees use MacBooks (Pro or Air, depending on preference) and get a home office stipend to set up their remote workspace if they do not come into the office on-site.

We are primarily a software company, so having a background in the tech industry would be beneficial for many roles at the company. However, it is not necessarily required to have a software background to work at Pactum. We hire for a variety of roles such as Product, Engineering, Program Management, Negotiation Success Managers, Sales positions and more. Some of these roles may require a background in software development, while others may not. It is best to check the specific job requirements for the role you’re interested in and see if your skills and experience align with what the company is looking for.

We place a strong emphasis on continuous learning and development for our employees and encourage Pactonians to stay current with the latest developments in the AI space.

Some of our initiatives are:
– Onboarding training programs, where employees receive an overall understanding from department heads about all the different teams at Pactum.

– On-the-job training, where employees learn by working on real projects alongside experienced team members.

– Self-study trainings, where employees can access e-learning portals and learn at their speed.

– Online training programs, where employees can learn from our curated online learning partners.

– Formal training programs, such as company-wide workshops and trainings, where employees can learn new skills and techniques.

– Encouraging our team to attend conferences, meetups, and other industry events, which provide opportunities to network and learn from experts in the field.

– Internal channels research projects, where employees can work on cutting-edge projects, contribute to the company’s research efforts, and share knowledge with other colleagues.

Click here to learn more about how Pactum processes applicant personal data.