Setting up with Pactum is simple, fast and effective



Pactum’s Integration Team will create custom integrations for each of our customers. Pactum integrates with existing software and works seamlessly with household names, so there’s no messy installations, no infrastructure overhauls and no unnecessary disruptions. It’s hassle-free from the get-go. You’ll hardly notice it’s there.


Our team of experts will have you live in three months, no matter the size of your company. They’ll conduct discovery sessions to establish use cases, trade off terms and their values. From there your dedicated team will import the relevant supplier data, set up the negotiation flow and email comms.


You can expect to see a positive ROI in four months using Pactum. Long tail contracts are undermanaged in most companies, which leaves a lot of savings potential unrealized. Our AI will customize long-tail agreements as part of the renegotiation process, creating pareto-efficient terms that generate tangible savings and improved supplier performance within 16 weeks.

How do I get started?

We don’t need a lot of data to get you started. All we need is the names and contact details of your suppliers and two or three basic contract terms. We can work with payment agreements or historic supply data. We’ll  also gather a lot of the information during the negotiation flow. And because our AI is built on the best negotiation strategies, it will use any additional terms to reach the best value for both sides. Contact us at [email protected] to set up a meeting so we can explain to you in detail how to get started.

Cut the cost of doing nothing.
Thousands of contracts have been left unattended by enterprises. These are cookie-cutter deals that aren’t optimized and losing money for both sides. It’s too expensive and time consuming for humans to keep tens of thousands of contracts up to date.

AI has lately become capable enough. Take the leap of faith.