Pactum offers its customers two, flexible commercial models to make doing business with us easier. Our typical customer journey starts with a mutual due diligence process that includes a value assessment. Our existing customers are seeing a 3-5% average operating capital improvement using Pactum’s negotiations engine to optimize their procurement-driven spend.
That’s $1.5-2.5M in improvement per $50M in spend!


We offer a spend management commercial model with a spend-based usage metric and we offer a base fee + gain share commercial model. The choice of models provides budgetary flexibility and they both guaranty an enticing return on investment:

1. Spend management model

Pactum charges a percentage of the total spend managed by the solution as a yearly subscription fee.

2. Gain Share Model

Pactum charges a negligible yearly subscription fee and a 25% gain share calculated from a trailing 12 month spend baseline. The gain share is only applied to the first year’s gains. The gain from all the subsequent years is retained by the customer effectively reducing the gain share percentage by multiple times.
Cut the cost of doing nothing.
Thousands of contracts have been left unattended by enterprises. These are cookie-cutter deals that aren’t optimized and losing money for both sides. It’s too expensive and time consuming for humans to keep tens of thousands of contracts up to date.

AI has lately become capable enough. Take the leap of faith.